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Q. What guarantees of success do I get?
A. Just like any business in comes with no guarantees, however, Rainwater Solutions has a proven and very successful track record and full systems are in place, which if followed will bring the success you desire. It is not in our interest for you to fail & we will be committed to assist where ever possible to make sure of your success.

Q. How do I know that the price of materials won’t rise ridiculously or unfairly?
A. At Rainwater Solutions Thailand Co.Ltd. we want your franchise to succeed, if prices were to rise and become too expensive then business would suffer, this is clearly NOT in anybodies interest.
Pricing is in fact kept as low as possible due to group bulk purchase discounts that are passed on to franchisees.

Q. Can I sell my franchise to a third party?
A. Yes! If for any reason you wish to sell your franchise, Rainwater Solutions Thailand Co. Ltd. would help where possible to find a buyer for you. New owners would of course have to abide to the contractual agreement set for franchisees.

Q. Can I buy supplies from third parties?
A. No! As mentioned above all prices for materials are discounted due to bulk purchase discounts. It is therefore unlikely that “same quality” materials could be found cheaper.
It is also against the terms of contract.

Q. Do I have to share my profits with Rainwater Solutions Thailand Co Ltd.?
A. No! All we seek is a small mark up based on materials supplied. Therefore, ALL profits generated from your individual franchise are yours to keep 100%.

Q. Can I operate more than one territory?
A. Yes! Each territory would be expected to pay the initial franchise fee, however, a discount would be arranged dependant upon what is required from the list of items provided earlier in this hand book.

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