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What makes us different?
The process of Continuous guttering is simple. Take a coil of material and roll form on site.

The coil is a continuous length of either pre-coloured Zincalume* steel, or 100% premium Copper, this can then be cut to any length on site without joins and therefore no weak spots.

*Zincalume coating consists of an alloy of 55% aluminium, 43.4% Zinc and 1.6% Silicon. The expected lifetime of the Colorcoat steel is 10-15 years if properly maintained.(Not recommended for extreme marine environments).

What you can rely on.
Things that you can expect to find at Rainwater Solutions include: Precision, quality products & workmanship. Things that you won’t find include Joins (except corners) blistered paint and leaks! This makes our rainwater solutions a virtually maintenance free solution and the best system for your home bar none.

We offer 2 types of continuous guttering

Continuous Zincalume
Rainwater Solutions currently offer three colour options in pre painted oven dried Zincalume* steel, each with colour matching 100mm diameter down pipes & brackets.

Continuous Copper
If you really want the best, or, if your home is in a marine environment then the only option is continuous copper. Copper offers unequalled durability and longevity.

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