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Continuous Zincalume
Rainwater Solutions currently offer two colour options in pre painted oven dried Zincalume* steel, each with colour matching 100mm diameter down pipes & brackets.
This paint will not flake, crack, peel or blister!

The two colour options are:

Matching Downpipes.
Rainwater Solutions produce 100mm diameter round Colour Coated down pipes to compliment the guttering. The Colour Coated down-pipes are available in the same Zincalume pre coloured coil as the guttering.

All elbow bends used, are made from cast aluminium, they are then powder coated to an exact colour match.

Brackets are also hot dipped galvanised before being powder coated to an exact colour match.

This makes Zincalume gutters a low cost, quality product with a long life and low maintenance solution when compared to conventional guttering.

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