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Continuous Copper.
If you really want the best, or, if your home is in a marine environment then the only option is continuous copper. Copper offers unequalled durability and longevity.

Copper is also totally rust resistant and has proven reliability; this makes copper the obvious choice material for guttering & down-pipes.

Copper is a base metal and a commodity which is traded daily on the London Metals Exchange, the use of copper for your guttering is not an expense, but an investment on your home.

For as long as humans have put copper to use-about 10,000 years-they have taken advantage of the fact that it is virtually 100% recyclable, without any detrimental effect on its properties.

Copper down-pipes are the “life time” choice, essential for use with your Copper gutters, all gutter brackets are also made from copper, with brass fixings screws.

This really is quality like no other, real distinction.

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