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Firstly, we would like to welcome you to what is sure to be the continued success of “Rainwater Solutions”. Because, by you choosing to take up the opportunity of operating a Rainwater Solutions franchise, you will now share in the future success, growth and profits of this unique opportunity & best quality rainwater products in Thailand.

Each of us has a unique and unrivalled opportunity to succeed in our own exclusive territory, whilst benefiting from being a part of a larger organisation and the group bulk purchase discounts that come from being a part of the group.
Each of us, an individual team member, in the winning team of "Rainwater Solutions"

“Your success” is “Our success!”
We can All be confident that we offer the very best product in rain gutters to each territory under our control. What’s more, you can fully trust and rely on our proven survey, quotation, invoice, management and stock control systems as well as the comprehensive training program designed to help you reach your own levels of success.
After all, “Your success” is “Our success!”

By now, I’m sure that you are convinced of the benefits and qualities of Rainwater Solutions continuous guttering systems.

At Rainwater Solutions we produce continuous guttering and matching downpipe as well filtration and complete rainwater harvesting systems.

The daytime heat and the cooling rains brings with it constant expansion and contraction of rain guttering. This expansion and contraction normally causes the joints on conventional rain gutter to fail and leak, as well as blistering or cracking the paint. (See beside).

With Rainwater Solutions you can be sure of No more cracking, peeling or blistering of paint work which would ordinarily lead to costly and frequent maintenance repairs.

Materials used are either 100% Copper or Zincalume steel substrate which offer the best environment rust protection.

Elbow bends are made of cast aluminium then powder coated match colours chosen.

Installation is quicker than regular guttering and carried out by fully trained and certificated professionals.

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